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   Training Programme
Details Of Advance Gate Training

SPECIAL ONLINE CLASSES CONDUCTED FOR OUTSTATION STUDENTS( One to One class in eveining hours on week days)

Yahoo messenger, moblile phone and team viewer used for proper audio visual interaction

Course fee for online class Rs 10000/_

Contact Gautam Mazumdar at 09330868047 for details.

Course specially designed for:

1. Get Users.
2. Elliot wave traders.
3. Swing traders.

Course Material:

1 Advantages of Gate over other conventional Software available for trading.
2 How to locate the view of the experts vis-à-vis the crowd.
3 Timing of a trade.
4 Locating the near peak and bottom of a trend (WIC Trade).
5 The tradable side of Elliot Wave.

The above studies are blended and demonstrated to students on how to take a profitable trade with effective money management.
The software is displayed on LCD screen all along the course.

Course Conducted by
Gautam Mazumdar [ B-Tech ]
Experience of the Faculty Member in Stock Market :
Appeared in many popular T.V. Channels in and around Kolkata.
Taught more than 2000 students.
Appeared as a guest in various seminars at New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar Jamshedpur.
Demonstrated on essentials of Technical Analysis to students of IIM (Kolkata). Morgan Stanley, and many NSE members.
Once actively involved in training Advanced Get Users at New Delhi, Chandigarh and Kolkata

No. of Classes : 6 classes (2 Hours Each).

Course Fees : Rs.10,000/-  (Fees for one on one)

Rs 8000/- (in batches of five)


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