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Training Programme

Salient features of the course

  • The basics of futures and options.
  • Definition, type, calls puts terminologies, flow chart and many more illustrated with examples.
  • Factors effecting premium of stock.

How the premium of an option varies with respect to price, time, volatility, forthcoming news.

Each and every factor discussed in details with examples from Indian stock market.

  • Open Interest-(The most important tool in trading in derivatives.)
  • Every details of interpretation of open interest is covered.
  • Effects of change in open interest in futures.
  • Effects of change in open interest in options.
  • Analysis of build up of position by experts mainly the FII  in derivative market
  • Calculating monthly trading band for a stock on the first day of the month.
  • Calculation of trading range in the week of expiry.
  • Roll over, put call ratio, volatility… effects of them on the market.
  • Calculation of 3-P rule (A unique system followed to gauge extreme bearish/ bullish sentiment by crowd).
  • Call put spreads and the effects of it in price movement.
  • Cost of carry: The combined effects of cost of carry, volume, open interest on stock price trend.
  • The entire interpretations are explained along with examples from the market.
  • Putting the gun on your shoulder. (Execution of trades)
  • Exclusive trading strategies.
  • Timing the trade.
  • Hedging.
  • The art of high return and low risk trading.
  • Trading in futures as an investor.
  • Orthodox trading strategies like strangle, straddle, collar, condor, butterfly and many more.

  • Maintenance of derivative data sheet.
  • An in house data base consisting of data from 2001 for all futures and options provided to students in excel 2007. (Data Size around 2.3 GB)
  • Students are trained in maintaining the data sheet as well as interpreting them.
  • Training is provided on calculation methods pertaining to rollover, Open interest, cost of carry and volume on excel sheet. (These types of data base are availbale with institutions and big broking houses. They are rarely made available to individual traders)
  • Training is provided for direct data pulling on your desktop in excel sheet from NSE website for online studies during market hours.

  • Service after class
  • Supports on email provided in data maintenance.

Throughout the course presentations are displayed on LCD TV for proper audio visual interaction.

Course fee: Rs 20,000/_

Duration of course 20 Hours

To enquire further about the course call 09330868047

Venue: Kolkata office


Course Conducted by:
Gautam Mazumdar [ B-Tech ]
Experience of the Faculty Member in Stock Market :
Appeared in many popular T.V. Channels in and around Kolkata.

Taught more than 2000 students.

Appeared as a guest in various seminars at New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar and Jamshedpur.

Demonstrated on essentials of Technical Analysis to students of IIM (Kolkata). Morgan Stanley, and many NSE members.


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